Marketers On-demand


We specialize in helping
businesses win at marketing.



Marketers On-demand


We specialize in helping
businesses sell more online.



Easy on-demand marketing support
when and as you need it.

Have one, two, or twelve questions about new marketing practices? Book a call today. We won’t judge – promise.

ToolKits help you learn how to market your business in a new way; or how to do what you’re already doing, just better.

Don’t have the time or people to manage all of your marketing efforts? Think of us as part of your marketing team.

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Small to Medium Sized Businesses


Entrepreneurs & Sole Proprietors





Marketing like a pro has never been so simple.


Our specialists can help you with all of your digital marketing needs. Think MailChimp, Google Analytics, Squarespace, Facebook Advertising, Search Marketing, and more!

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“MarketTap has all of the attributes you need to work successfully these days – they “get” new marketing and media paradigms and have a unique ability to blend the science of media with arts to generate thoughtful results.”


– Howard Thomas, CMO, U-Feast Corporation

“MarketTap is awesome. They were able to quickly grasp our business situation and help us figure out the key strategic direction we needed to take to improve our acquisition rates and drive efficiency in our costs.”


– John Flett, CFA, CEO & Founder, Paymi