Social Media Advertising - Classic


Social Media Advertising - Classic

Social media advertising has fast become one of the most effective ways to market your business and reach your audience online.

MarketTap advertising experts work with you to understand your objectives, grow brand awareness and drive new business leads by creating ads which are optimized and impactful. Our team will take you through the entire process of ad creation, audience segmentation, testing and optimizing performance and reporting on results.

The Traffic Driver

The Traffic Driver is excellent for small businesses and e-commerce companies who are looking to reach thousands of new people based on relevant demographics and interests, drive high quality website traffic and increase brand awareness in a short timeframe.  

This package would work well for businesses that are looking to be more strategic with their online advertising efforts and gain a better understanding of key industry insights, audience behaviour and receive social recommendations based on ad performance. Watch your results skyrocket!

* Please note that Ad Spend is not included in this package. If you are looking to purchase Ad Spend, please click here.  

Benefits / Deliverables
  • Mini social media audit
  • Industry insights   
  • Facebook pixel installation (if needed)
  • Social advertising recommendations  
  • Design ad options including ad
  • copywriting and creative 
  • Run tests on creative, copy & call-to-actions 
  • Optimize campaign based on test results 
  • Daily monitoring + ongoing optimization 
  • Monthly report on how your ads are performing
Social Media Advertising - Classic