5 Reasons to Use Shopify as Your Ecommerce Platform

With so many ecommerce platforms to choose from, it can be a confusing landscape for business owners. Whether you are a budding new start-up or an established international brand, you’ve faced the dilemma of whether to start afresh with a new ecommerce platform or to continue with your existing one.

The most popular of these platforms is Shopify: flexible, easy to get started, and has the ability to grow with your business. Recently we’ve spoken with a number of business owners who have expressed an interest in switching to Shopify.

In this article, we argue five reasons why this can be a smart move.

1) Ease of Use

One of Shopify’s greatest strengths is how easy to use it is! It’s been designed to make things quick and pain free, exemplified right from the start by the signup wizard that helps you get set up in no time.

The Shopify dashboard makes it effortless for you to understand how your store is performing as well as any issues you need to be aware of. It’s uncomplicated to set-up and update settings like shipping, taxes, handling new orders, giving refunds, and more.

2) Customer Support

Shopify prides itself on having excellent customer support and it’s made great efforts to ensure that its customer success gurus offer first class customer care whether its via phone, email, or live chat. They also have an incredibly useful knowledge base that contains tons of solutions to the most commonly encountered problems.

When building a website, especially an ecommerce one, knowing that there is a team there to help you every step of the way is wonderful.

3) Effective SEO Aspects

With Shopify’s editor, it’s possible to optimize your e-shop to be more search engine friendly. The platform offers you all the necessary SEO capabilities without needing to install apps or extensions. Basic SEO practices like meta data and site copy are no problem with Shopify - you can edit page titles and descriptions to control how your online store appears in search results pages. And when it comes to design, Shopify themes have a reputation for clean code and natural linking structures, both of which are important for search visibility.

4) Payment Modes and Pricing

Shopify allows you to choose from 100 payments methods, a significant edge over other shopping carts. The gateways consist of 3 sections, so you get a possibility to choose the one that satisfies your organization needs the best: major, international and additional payment gateways by country.

One of the primary platform’s benefits is the payment processor provided by Shopify. This quick-to-set up feature allows you to manage payments directly in the user dashboard.

5) Integrations with Social Media Channels

Shopify has made it very easy to sell across different channels and platforms, in particular via Facebook using the Shopify Facebook App. In addition, they also offer capabilities to sell on other platforms, like Twitter, Houze, Wanelo, and Pinterest. All of this is essential to help online stores increase their potential audience and grow sales numbers.


In summary, Shopify is a great platform for new and established businesses alike. It’s built with the modern ecommerce business in mind and makes a lot of the important elements easy to manage and control. Shopify ticks all the boxes to allow online store owners to get on with the business of running their business. Need help building your site. Let us help! Get in touch today.