5 Steps to Take for Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Customer Support

Shopping blowouts during Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) help many small and medium sized businesses by achieving a higher volume in sales. However, it can also be stressful to deal with the higher amount of customer service needs.

While businesses have plenty of time to prepare for this busy buy period, sometimes the focus is put mostly on selling as many products as possible, and not necessarily on what customer service measures to take before and after the purchase is made.

During the BFCM peak, the number of support requests submitted by customers increases by 65%! Therefore, it is important to have the support ramped up and in place to ensure a smooth buyer journey from start to finish.

For ecommerce businesses, there are several ways to be efficient and knowledgeable in how to provide unique shopping experiences and customer service for your customers. As BFCM can be daunting for some shoppers when buying online from large companies, SMBs have a chance to shine as you have an advantage when it comes to providing great customer service quality! Here are some tips and tricks to consider:

Plan Ahead

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.

Not only is it essential for your SMB to plan for the upcoming shopping peak, but it is crucial. Train your team up well in advance in how they can respond with fast and friendly service. Shoppers are very concerned about customer service during the holidays, and it will benefit your ecommerce business to put focus on your customer support for the long run.

This can be seen as an advantage; a large amount of support in service assistance will drive sales and will continue to drive sales after if a customer has a pleasant buyer experience.

Contact Email

Make sure to have a direct contact email address clearly visible on multiple landing pages on your website so people know how to best reach out if they require assistance. Ideally, you should have a "contact us" CTA in the header/footer of your website which is where users will likely look first.

It's important to ensure your response are quick, friendly and helpful when dealing with customer inquiries during this busy time. This instills confidence and trust with your brand and will keep customers coming back for more if they know you are responsive and clearly care about their service. There is nothing worse than shopping with a brand that has very slow, unhelpful and templated customer service responses!


Before BFCM, spend some time thinking about (and answering!) the questions you're most likely to recieve, and put them into an FAQ section on your website. This is your chance to answer any questions or sales-specific details that you may be asked, allowing your customers to get the information they need before purchasing. Are there any changes around shipping/delivery or exchnages and returns during the holidays? Be sure to share it here!

Be mindful not to overload your FAQ page with too many questions as you'll overhwelm your readers instead of providing them value. Only give your customers what they want. Here are some questions to consider building an FAQ section around:

Here are a handful of questions to consider ahead of time:

  • Is there anything you need to call out about sales? Any items that aren't included or terms that need to be met to be eligible for the deal?
  • Is shipping free? What is the delivery process? If there will be delays in delivery due to the busy-ness of the holidays, let people know!
  • Do you have a different holiday return and exchange policy? Is there an extended return time-frame? How about gift receipts?

Live Chat

Consumers love having help at their fingertips.

Going that extra mile during the BFCM time of year and setting up an automated chat message system is a great customer service tactic. Whether it be a live chat at the checkout page or a chat message with someone readily available on the home page to answer any questions, having the option can help you increase online sales by answering any questions potential customers have straight away. Having that extra service can benefit your ecommerce company greatly, even having an automated general question page can alleviate room for frequently asked questions that some customers may ask surrounding return and exchange policies, or the status of an order.

Trained Team

Exceeding customer expectations can differentiate your brand from others. By having a properly trained team to handle the support during the BFCM season, your business can thrive.

Your brand can be unique in its approaches to delivering high-quality services, like creating emails, live chats, thank you notes, or post-sale discount offers that are follow-ups and support services. Any way that your business can exceed customer expectations will ensure that long-lasting relationship with your shopper.

The BFCM season can challenge businesses in ways to handle customer support, but if you take the right steps to plan ahead and train your team for this busy time of year and put measures in place, your SMB can flourish in the best way possible. Get the proper support you need for your upcoming marketing plan!

Just you running the show? Try planning out pre-written responses to speed up your reply times. Simply write up standard answers to the most common questions you're usually asked and have them ready to go! Make sure to tweak the responses slightly so they're personalized.

Do you need help creating and maintaining a customer service plan for the upcoming holidays? Get in touch with us today to get started!