Do This Before you Run Another Facebook Ad

Before you run any type of marketing campaign (on Facebook, or elsewhere), it’s important to take some time to think about who you really want to attract with your product/service or offer. Then, WRITE IT DOWN.

A common Facebook advertising mistake made by a lot of businesses is running an ad that is targeted at EVERYONE because your product is designed for EVERYONE so you want to attract EVERYONE!

Why is this a problem?

You may have a product that’s made for everyone (like food), but when it comes to successful marketing it is essential to identify specific customer profiles within your entire customer base. One marketing message does not fit all, especially on Facebook.

Facebook really likes advertisements that are highly targeted. Why? Because they have a crazy smart algorithm that allows them to place your ad in front of the right people for the best results. You want the best results, right?!

A successful customer profile gives you all of the information you need to understand your customers and what motivates them to purchase. Here’s what goes into a marketing customer profile:

  • Demographic details (age, gender, marital status, job, annual income, etc.)
  • Goals & Values
  • Media Habits
  • Challenges & Motivators
  • Role in Purchase Process

As you work through the Customer Profile Template, you’ll likely need to do some research from trusted sources to help flesh out the details. In other cases, you’ll be intimately familiar with your ideal customer. Where you can’t find any research, simply make assumptions that you can test out through your ads.

Now that you understand customer profiles … get going on yours!