How to Create, Track & Achieve your 2018 Social Media Goals

While it may already be nearing the end of March (where has the time gone?!), it’s still not too late to create, track, and, ultimately, achieve your 2018 social media goals.

This might seem like a tall order if the thought of ROI and measuring social media metrics makes you feel a little overwhelmed, but by following our helpful guide you can get your SMB well on the path to social media success in 2018. Trust us!

With so many moving parts marketing isn’t easy and we know that, but it’s an important part of your business’ success.

Decide on Concise, Clear Goals

A lot of SMBs we speak to want to increase sales – who doesn’t right?! To do this you must expose your brand to a broad audience in the right way and social media is a great channel for this. From here, the question becomes which social media goals can tie into your overall goal of increasing sales. The answer is many of them!

Here are some common social goals to get you started:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Drive new leads
  • Brand engagement

The next important question to ask is: How much am I willing to invest in achieving these goals?

As one of the world’s leading digital experts, Neil Patel explains that social media platforms are making it increasingly difficult to reach a chosen audience organically. For this reason, it is recommended that you consider a small social media advertising budget to really help you achieve your goals of increasing traffic and being seen online. If you don’t, you can risk getting lost in the sea of social!

Track these goals

Goals are great but of course, you need a way of seeing whether you are on track to meet them, right? The best place to start is with a social media audit of where you currently stand and how you’re performing.

Here are some key metrics and tips to take into account when conducting your audit:

If You Want to Increase Brand Awareness…

Brand awareness is a crucial marketing and business metric. After all, if people don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you. If you want to measure brand awareness, then you need to look at metrics such as:

  • The number of followers: “How many people you can reach?”
  • The reach of your social media posts: “How many people have I reached through my posts?”
  • Mentions, shares, and retweets: “How many people are talking about my brand or sharing what I post?”

If You Want More Website Traffic…

Three in five marketers use social media to drive traffic to their websites.

You can measure traffic from social media using online tools such as Google Analytics, which allows you to measure traffic in a number of ways:

  • Total number of new visitors from social media
  • The number of pages that these visitors have viewed
  • The number of social media visitors who leave after visiting just one page
  • The number of social media visitors that complete set goals.

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool and one that we would recommend working from first to get a great overview of your traffic.

If You Want More Leads…

There are a couple of different ways to track lead metrics depending on how you implement this.

For example, Facebook lead ads are one way you can generate valuable leads directly from social media. You can measure the number of leads as follows:

  • Lead ads can be linked to other tools such as MailChimp and even your CRM, where the source is marked as Facebook.
  • Facebook allows you to download a spreadsheet which displays the number of leads acquired and their information.

Direct leads can also be generated through content that links directly back to a landing page on your website, where a visitor is prompted to provide information in exchange for something, such as a white paper, a coupon, or another piece of valuable content.

These leads can be measured through Google Analytics via goal completions or through the back-end of your website with a website-web form link (which many CRMs do have).

If You Want to Increase Brand Engagement…

Brand engagement is a lot like a long-term relationship. As soon as customers decide to engage with your business on social media, they’re essentially signalling that they approve of your brand and message. Some key metrics to measure here are:

  • Likes, shares, and comments per post: “How many people are interacting with your social media posts?”
  • Mentions and replies: “How many people are mentioning your brand, and how many have you replied to?”

Iterate (and Make It Great!)

Last but not least, once the goals have been set and tracked, it’s time to monitor and improve upon what you’ve been doing on your social channels.

Looking at the metrics you want to measure, continue to keep track month by month – or weekly, if you’re feeling up to the challenge! This allows you to see how your performance is changing or improving and areas that may need a second (or third) look.

Next, build out a social media KPI report. Even something as simple as a Google Sheet including these key metrics will work wonders for you to keep an eye on how your content is performing and who is responding to what. Try experimenting in order to see what works best. Testing content can really elevate your social media efforts, as the Hubspot team found out when they managed to grow their blog readership by over 200% simply through consistent tests and experimenting with different content, paid campaigns and targeting.

Social media is a great platform to test messaging, tone and see what works for your industry, brand and audience. Rome wasn’t built in a day so focus on small, continuous improvements. You’ll be a social media rock star in no time!!


Do you need help with your social media marketing strategy or advertising – check out our social media advertising services or get in touch for a social media audit! We can take a look at your current social channels and your content and see where we can help you improve and adjust to get the most out of your online presence and really see results.

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