How to Improve your LinkedIn Company Page

While LinkedIn may seem like the place for recent graduates and job seekers to find job opportunities, with 433 million users, it’s also an excellent place for businesses to engage with potential customers. Despite this, LinkedIn is a platform that we often see neglected by our clients. This may be because like each social network, LinkedIn’s platform and audience are unique, meaning that your strategy and day-to-day approach must be too. This may seem a tad overwhelming and, even if you are a social network pro, like a lot of work!

No need to fear, MarketTap is here! Here we are highlighting five ways to optimize and leverage your company’s page on LinkedIn.


Did you know that company pages are SEO-friendly? This means that your LinkedIn bio should consist of powerful, keyword-rich copy. Doing so is also important because members on LinkedIn can search for companies by keywords, hence the need to include phrases that describe your business, expertise, and industry focus. One way to do this is through company specialties, targeted keywords that can help your company get found for the searches that matter.

Finally, your LinkedIn page bio should match your brand voice. Like all social networks, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to make an impression on potential customer’s so it’s vital that you are able to convey your business’s personality!

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Like all social networks, LinkedIn provides the opportunity to include your company’s logo and a cover image that brings your page to life. According to LinkedIn, companies with logo images get six times more traffic to their pages. With those numbers in mind, it would be a mistake not to have your profile set up to include your logo!

The cover image is equally important, after all, it’s the first thing that your audience sees upon landing on your company’s page. Consider using it to showcase products, your team, an event, or even a current marketing campaign.

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There is a growing consensus amongst social media experts that in order to grab attention, brands must move from a text-based communication style to a more visual-based approach. Add non-stock, non-dull images to your updates or upload videos, which will play directly on your company page. Microsoft does an excellent job of providing great video content on LinkedIn that also suits the platforms professional audience base.


LinkedIn Groups are a great way to find potential leads and generate more interest in your business.

When posting and interacting in a group, follow the 80/20 rule, that is making your posts 80% business related news and 20% active promotion of your company. Like you would in real life, it’s important to listen and comment on other posts in the group too.

Better yet, why not create your own group? Invite employees, clients, potential clients, and others who may be interested in your services or industry to join your group. You can monitor conversations and highlight your company’s blogs and news.


Make sure your employees have updated their personal LinkedIn profiles and have you listed as an employee. If your employees’ blog for your business, have them share their new blogs on their personal page and link them back to your LinkedIn business page. Instead of just copying the blog into the post, suggest they write a blurb or introduction to the blog so that readers are left wanting more – driving more traffic to your site and building brand awareness.

To Wrap it up…

The key takeaway from this article is that your LinkedIn company page should be viewed as a dynamic marketing tool through which you can build your credentials as thought leaders, awareness of your brand, and ultimately move your audience to take the desired action.

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