How To Manage Your Company’s Social Media Channels in Just 15 Minutes A Day


1. Respond to any meaningful comments or questions on your posts that merit a response. @mention and personalize each response so the commenter feels heard and a human connection is made.

According to Edelman, 9 out of 10 consumers wish they could have more meaningful connections with the brands and companies they interact with, yet only 1 in 5 believe that this connection is actually made. Position yourself in the category that makes these impactful connections. Setting up social listening can ensure you don’t miss out on any mentions of your business across the Internet. Being responsive will position you above the rest and solidify the relationship between you and your customer. 70% of consumers feel brands have self-centered motives when it comes to sharing content. Crush this statistic by making these conversations meaningful and create opportunities for your community to participate in open-ended engagement.

2. Give brief yet sincere replies to any positive feedback and address any customers with negative comments. For larger discussions, suggest moving the conversation offline through private messages or email so you can follow up on the issue in a more private setting.

Customer service is a crucial part of managing your community. Almost 90% of consumers believe that they should be able to interact with brands and businesses in real time. This expectation to be always-on may be unrealistic, but it is important to be responsive and set a response expectation for your community members. Create replies that let the customer feel heard and appreciated.

3. Check out who liked your most recent post. Engage with these users by liking and commenting on their most recent posts and following them if you don’t already. For timing purposes, make connections with 3-5 users each day.

As important as it is to seek out new connections and grow your audience, it is even more important to keep close relationships with those you have already connected with. If these people are liking and engaging with your content, that’s evidence they like what you are putting out there. Fans can be the best brand evangelists. Keeping this close relationship betters your chances of them continuing to use your products and paves the way of them recommending you to their peers.

4. Check out your biggest competitor’s most recent post. Follow and engage with the people who have liked and engaged with them. Limit yourself to 3-5 users per day from a time perspective.

If your competitor is one of those businesses that doesn’t respond to their community, this can be a golden opportunity. Engage with the people who actively comment on their posts. Sometimes the people who need you the most, don’t know you exist. Be an alternate solution to the problems they are facing with your competitor. Engaging with potential customers on their own page will put you on their radar.

5. Pick a hashtag from your most recent post and follow/comment/like pictures under that hashtag that are relevant.

This is an opportunity to find new customers. Pick keywords related to your product/services and engage.

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6. Check out the location tag you have most recently used and engage with people in that location.

If you provide services in a specific location, seeking out relationships with people in that area is important. It’s possible that they’ve been seeking your services and products elsewhere because they didn’t know anything more local existed. 74% of consumers say they like to support local businesses and 54% would even pay a little more.

Things to keep in mind: 1. You are building a valuable community. This won’t happen overnight. 2. Try using open-ended comments in order to spark discussion. 3. Take note of the hashtags and locations that generate the most engagement and continue to revisit several times per week.

Maximize your precious time by following this concise checklist when it’s time to do your daily social media channels management. Spend 2-3 minutes on each task. Repeat the process for each of your social channels.

This social media management guide was created under the assumption that your content has been created, curated, scheduled and published ahead of time. When it permits, you should definitely allocate more time to do in-depth engagement and really create lasting bonds with your customers and potential customers. This is a quick and dirty checklist that ensures you don’t forget the most crucial tasks, are able to dive right in and not waste any time.

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