How To: Running Ecommerce Remarketing Campaigns

In ecommerce, it is essential that you have multiple points of contact with your customers as they move through their buyer journey. It is rare that a cold consumer purchases on their first visit, so reaching them across multiple channels to remind them of your brand and the value of your products is key to moving them through the sales funnel.

Without the perk of having an in-store sale associate, remarketing can be the help that an ecommerce brand needs to convince their customers to convert. We broke down a few key factors to ensure a successful remarketing campaign.

Tracking Pixel

The most important thing when beginning a remarketing campaign is tracking the people you want to retarget. When someone comes to your website, you should utilize their data to retarget them on other channels like Facebook or Instagram. Facebook has an excellent tool called the “Pixel” where they provide a piece of tracking code that is installed on your website to collect user data.

The pixel tracks general information like page views but can also track specific events like add to carts, initiate checkouts and purchases. You can use this data to create audiences in Ads Manager and retarget these groups with ads. This data allows you to create custom and specific ads that appeal to an audience who already knows your brand and your product, making it easier to move them through the sales funnel.

To learn how to set up a Facebook Pixel for your website, check out this article from Facebook.

Warm Audience

The greatest perk of retargeting campaigns is that you are engaging with a warm audience. This means you should make your creative and copy much more specific and detailed, focusing in on lower funnel selling points. Remarketing gives you more opportunities to tell your brand story and bring your potential consumer into your companies’ worldview. Keep your company top of mind with remarketing as you constantly remind your potential customers about you.


When you remarket to an audience who has already visited your website, you have an opportunity to create offers that incentivize your audience to purchase. While you might not be comfortable giving a cold audience a discount or promo code, reaching an audience that has already engaged with your brand and website means it is likely that you will see more valuable conversions from these types of offers.

Using an offer in your strategy is a great way to engage new customers and convince them to give your brand a try.


Once of the greatest opportunities and most important factors of a remarketing campaign is the audience you are targeting! The options for retargeting are essentially endless, whether you target in a very general sense to all your website visitors, or in a very specific sense to those who have abandoned their cart on a specific product.

Test out which audience is the most responsive to remarketing to understand where the pain points stand in your sales funnel, and what offers and information work best for each audience. It’s important to keep these audiences timely so make sure you are updating your data to strike your customers while the iron is hot!

Worried you are not getting enough traffic for a retargeting audience? Facebook has another great feature called the “Lookalike” Audience, where they create an audience that is similar to the audience you have developed from your website traffic. This means that even your cold audiences are more likely to be interested in your products.

Ad Styles

When retargeting, there is not one type of ad that is fool-proof, however there are a few additional styles that are not available to classic cold audience campaigns. For example, Facebook provides a great feature called dynamic retargeting where the platform will retarget users with the specific products they viewed on your website.

All you have to do is set up a product catalog (here's how!) and ensure you have custom events for each of your products. This ad style means those products that customers have already considered will “follow” them around, providing little reminders of the value and quality of your brand and company. However, make sure that you always test various ad styles with various audiences and create campaigns that work best for your customers.


With a remarketing campaign your budget will go a lot further than targeting a cold audience. Because your targeting, creative and copy are much more specific to a small group of people, you will be spending money on clicks that are highly likely to convert, rather than spending on top of funnel awareness. Your dollar will go a lot further when you are reaching people who are already thinking about your brand.


Outside of social advertising, remarketing can be utilized in email too. Did you know that abandoned cart emails have a 2x higher engagement rate than normal emails? Asking your customer why they left their cart and asking how they can help will prove you value your visitors.

Providing them with more information on your product, your company values and any promotions or offers gives the customer even more reason to buy. Reaching out to your audience when they are in the consideration phase is essential and can be just the push they needed to finally convert.

Interested in setting up shopping cart abandonment emails? Check out our guide here.


Remarketing is an essential tactic when running an ecommerce store. Think of a remarketing campaign like the in-store sales person who provides additional information and encouragement to the customer as the go through their buying process.

You want to be present and top of mind in every step of their decision. However, it’s important to remember that developing a remarketing campaign takes time. You need to build a database of your converting audience before you can start retargeting. This comes from building a consistent brand on social media and driving high quality traffic to your website.

Are you a new brand who wants to start building a remarketing audience? Are you a well-established brand who is not sure if their pixel is tracking right? We can help. We have pay as you go services that fit with whatever stage of marketing your company is at. Contact us to learn more!

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