The Three Most Important Emails to Send This Holiday Season

The holidays are a very important time for all ecommerce businesses. As sales and traffic organically increase, it is important that your audience gets relevant information about your holiday promotions, sales and delivery times.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your most engaged audience with promotions and further information that will convince them to purchase. According to BigCommerce, 51% of merchants claim that email campaigns are their most successful holiday advertising channel.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent immediately after someone provides their email address and are crucial to building a relationship with your audience. Welcome emails have a 4x higher open rate and yield 3x higher the average transaction compared to regular bulk emails, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Kick off your relationship with a personal introduction, welcoming in new customers with opt-in incentives and rewards to keep them coming back for more. Include a few call to actions to make sure customers continue to move through the purchasing process.

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are arguably the most important. It is a highly competitive season for advertisers, the best way to compete is to offer your shoppers deals. Let them know about any offers or sales that you are running over the holidays and give them the chance to plan their upcoming purchases. Sending out optimized promotional emails can give your customers insights and expectations about stock, shipping costs and delivery dates.

The biggest challenge for many ecommerce businesses during the holiday season is being able to keep up with demand and deliver on time, so it is important to be clear on required ordering dates and expected delivery times. Provide them with all the key information they would need to make a purchase such as: shipping information, gift card options, gift wrapping perks and customer service details.

Make sure your promotional emails are clear and visually appealing to catch your reader’s attention during the over saturated season.

Abandoned Cart Emails

We know that up to 70% of shoppers abandon their cart before purchasing. It’s essential to send emails to this audience to keep them engaged. The three most common reasons people abandon their cart include: surprise shipping costs, lack of inventory or finding a better deal elsewhere.

For every style of email, there are also some general tips to keep in mind to make sure they are properly optimized.

Always include information in your email that addresses these issues. Re-engaging your audience with answers to their problems will help encourage them to come back and buy.

  1. Mobile Optimization: Last year, Cyber Monday drove $2 billion worth of sales on mobile in one day. The ecommerce market is becoming more mobile, so it is essential for your emails to be optimized for phones. While it is tempting to build an email that looks perfect on desktop, if it is not optimized for the mobile audience you will lose valuable engagement. Test your email in all placements to ensure that there is a smooth user experience from top to bottom.

  2. Visuals: The holiday season means that every marketing channel is saturated with content and advertising. Instead of inundating your audience with a ton of copy to convince them to buy, catch their eye with beautiful images that show off your brand and your products. Visual elements can help customers create better connections with products as they cannot physically handle the product.

  3. Clear Call to Action: The biggest reason that an email marketing campaign will fail to yield sales is because it’s not obvious to the reader what you are asking them to do. Keep your emails very simple, providing a clear Call to Action (CTA) to direct your customers to purchase. Offer an exclusive discount code, or a link to a new product collection. Whatever the CTA, keep it simple, obvious and straightforward.

  4. Subject Line: The subject line is the first thing a user will see in their inbox, so it is crucial to create a phrase that is enticing. Use emojis, get witty and offer value from the start to cut through your readers’ inboxes.

Gearing up for the holidays are an important time for advertising efforts. Get an early start with email marketing to get your brand and company in front of your audience and capitalize on the high intent time of year. Email is a creative and in-depth

Email is a creative and in-depth way to reach your most engaged audience and offer them value. What are you doing for your holiday email marketing strategy? Do you need some help designing or implementing a plan? We can help. Get in touch today: