Top 5 Tips for a Killer Facebook Strategy in 2019

When it comes to your business’s Facebook marketing strategy, there is no time like the present! As we begin a new year, there is no better time to do an overhaul of your social media strategy.

As you may know, Facebook is still the most widely used social network on the planet, and if you’re not marketing there, you should be. In order to maintain and grow your online presence, mastering your Facebook marketing strategy should be at the top of your list for this year.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the 5 most important elements of a Facebook strategy down to a science. Read on to find out how you can improve your Facebook marketing strategy in 2019!

#1 - Clearly define your goals, budget, and schedule.

Why is it so important?

Often the most daunting parts of this task is to actually sit down and get started. But you have nothing to fear! Many Facebook marketing campaigns are simply trial and error, figuring out what works for your business and what doesn’t.

So, the goals that you outline at the beginning could very well change once you have your feet off the ground. If you’re not starting from scratch, and you do have your budget and schedule in place, it’s still a good idea to set measurable goals, as well as go over what your current schedule and budget looks like and see if they’re really working for you and your business.

Figure out where you need to be.

When deciding on your budget and schedule, it’s crucial to realize you do not need to run ads constantly. Of course, for big holiday pushes, like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, it’s important to have a presence if you’re a retail site.

However, this doesn’t make sense for every online business. If you don’t have any specials or offers you would like to promote during these busy times, it’s best to not advertise, rather than to get lost in the shuffle with the millions of other companies advertising during this time. This will also help you when you sit down to draft out your budget. Some ad campaigns will require a large spend (big shopping holidays, seasonal businesses) and some don’t!

Look back at past campaigns to see if you notice any trends. Not recieiving much traffic on the weekend or in evenings? Start running your ads on a schedule to eliminate wasting budget.

How often should you post?

With schedules in mind, the most important thing is to be consistent. If you commit to blogging weekly, you must blog weekly. If you commit to posting 5 times a week on Instagram, it’s important to follow through with those 5 weekly posts. This helps to communicate that your business is reliable, professional and legitimate. It’s the exact same principal for Facebook.

Check out this article from SproutSocial on the best times to post on social according to industry standards.

#2 - Stay Present: The case for running ads as well as content.

Post engaging content.

Advertising on Facebook is still one of the most effective components to an advertising strategy that small to medium sized businesses have in their back pocket. It’s important to run Facebook ads to stay in the running alongside your competitors. But it’s also important to engage people already following your page, who are already your customers. By posting engaging content a couple times a week (images, fact pages, meet the team features, and memes), you’re engaging the community you’ve already built around your page.

Looking for a way to plan out your content for the new year? Use our free social media content calendar template to give you a head start.

Vary your content.

With every passing month, it seems like there are new marketing trends to watch out for. It’s important to keep up as it is vital to stay current. One of the most important trends in Facebook marketing is the introduction of video ads! Videos are engaging and are becoming more and more common on Facebook. This is one trend you don’t want to miss out on! The key here again is to test, test, test to see what your target audience is engaging with.

#3- Targeting: the essential component!

Of course, it is essential to be advertising on Facebook. However, advertising on Facebook is only effective if you know how to reach the right people. Begin by targeting people who you think might be interested in buying your product or service. Once you have run ads targeted towards that audience, you can learn quite a few things from the results. For instance, you may be able to deduce that certain genders, age brackets, or levels of education have an impact on whether or not someone wants to buy your product.

Shortly afterwards, you can also choose to work with a lookalike audience or try your hand at retargeting. These are two strategies aimed at boosting sales. With these inferences, you can begin to refine your targeting, ensuring that month after month, you are closer and closer to the demographic that is most likely to convert to customer status. In any scenario, it’s important to start with a broad audience, and then refine that audience throughout subsequent campaigns. Targeting can be tricky and time-consuming if you don’t know where to start so feel free to contact us to help you narrow in on your target audience.

#4 - Maintain community management.

Don’t set it and forget it!

A common mistake that many small and medium-sized businesses make is the “set-it-and-forget-it” mentality. Once you’ve created an engaging ad set, and have produced some top-tier content, you have to remember to check-in every day! When you post ads and content, people comment, and share what you put out there. It’s important to like and respond to comments, respond to people who have messaged your business, and to continually optimize your current ad sets.

#5 - Continued analysis and tracking.

The only way to continue to get better and truly hone your instincts as a marketer, is to reflect on prior campaigns and strategies, pick them apart, and be able to deduce what worked and what didn’t and why. It’s important to really make use of Facebook’s analytics tools, and customize your performance columns, in order to track the information that will help you. Pay attention to which ad sets and which posts are successful and go from there!

As we close out 2018, we hope that you find these marketing tips helpful. We’ve covered a lot of ground, but it’s important to implement these strategies sooner rather than later. If improving your Facebook strategy sounds like a full-time job, it’s because it is. At MarketTap, we have a dedicated social media expert team who are available day and night to manage your social presence, taking the pressure off you and your team. Click here to get in touch!