Why No One Is Reading Your Blog: 8 Steps to Reach Your Audience

You have created the perfect blog: excellent content, great style, and subtle marketing. Yet you’re not reaching the demographic that you’d like to read your posts. This is why blogging can be so frustrating. Any blogger you speak with will join you in lamenting the difficulty behind finding your audience, but everyone has their own secret to clearing this hurdle.

At Markettap, we have pulled together an overview of the best practices for blogging. Designed to help you find the perfect audience for your brand (and make sure they pay attention!), this guide will help you cover all your bases.

1: Find Your Audience

It can be easy to slip into the mentality of “Any traffic is good traffic”, so it’s tempting to cast a wide net when it comes to your content strategy. However, it is important to do the opposite.

Narrow your blog topics to a specific niche – at least when you are starting out. Keeping a narrow focus will help your audience find you because you will have a wealth of content specific to what they are looking for.

Once you have loyal readers, you can begin to employ tactics to widen your reach. Conduct your own market research by paying attention to your readers: follow them on social media, use analytics to discover their tastes, and learn why they relate to you. Understanding your audience will help you create the content they want and need.

2: Create Helpful Content

Most people don’t spend time reading blogs or articles that don’t fulfil a need in their life.

Spend time considering what your audience might need help figuring out, whether that is fashion tips and tricks or marketing insights. By learning about the problems in your readers’ lives, you can start helping them solve those very issues.

With helpful content, you can become the go-to source for your audience. Every reader who views your blog as a “must-read” will convince others to read it too. Giving away “freemiums” in the form of free easy worksheets or guides will also help get more people interested in your content.

3: Write Unique Blogs

Another way to become a “must-read” blog is to write blogs that no one else could write. Let your own style and voice shine in everything you post.

Many new bloggers are afraid to show too much of themselves, or they want their content to speak for itself. That is an admirable goal, but no one wants to read something devoid of your personality.

If you have a daring idea, something you have never seen anyone else write about, or a new angle to approach an old topic, go for it! In business, big risks return big rewards.

4: Be Aware of Trends

In design, it is critical that designers are aware of trends in their field. The same is true of any blogger too.

You will need to create timely content to fully maximize your ability to resonate with your audience. If you wouldn’t want to read an article about an event that happened last year, neither would your readers.

Pay attention to the news and trending topics, particularly on social media. Added bonus: your social media marketing will become a lot easier when you are writing timely content too.

5: Reduce Noise on Your Blog

“Noisy” blogs are frustrating for everyone who encounters them. But what does it mean to have a noisy blog?

Noise can be anything that increases distractions, like excessive ads, pop-ups, or auto-play videos. Too many of these annoyances make your blog an unattractive option for most readers.

Remove as many ads and pop-ups as you can – you might be surprised how quickly your readership grows when you let your content speak for itself on the page.

6: Promote Your Content

Self-promotion can be hard for anyone. But promoting your content is more important than ever now. There are so many blogs out there, all competing for the same views you need.

Your best bet to catch views is to make sure people are aware that it exists. Get on your social media accounts and tell the world that you wrote something great.

And don’t just post your newest blog once. Because of social media sites’ algorithms, you will want to post it at least three times throughout a week or two.

Bottom line: don’t passively let your content be found – tell the world about it.

7: Guarantee Your Content is Discovered

Many readers will find your content through Google searches, but only if you know how to give your blogs the boost they need to be found.

Spend 20 minutes with each of your blogs adding some SEO tricks. Boost your SEO rank with a few easy changes, such as checking for keywords related to your topics, and spend a little time with Google Analytics to see what has worked well for you before. Make sure all your links are working too.

There are many things you can change to create better search engine optimization for your blog – and just as many things not to do. For example, don’t make the mistake of overloading your blog post with too many keywords that it ends up reading like a dictionary, rather than a piece of writing that flows easily.


8: Let Your Readers Know You

Your audience reads your content because it is useful to them in some way. But what makes the difference between an audience that reads content and an audience that engages with the content?


Let your readers know what is going on in your life, adding a personal and authentic touch to your brand. Your readers will reward you with more engagement and excitement because all humans seek connection, especially through written content. Don’t be afraid to get personal – your readers will thank you.

Need Some Help Finding Readers?

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